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Hello Hello (again)! How are you?

If you’ve already been to my blog today, you might be wondering why you are here again, well…. I ran out of days, okay? Aha! I totally forgot about this post and when looking at my calendar I realised that I didn’t have any free days left, but since I’m already talking about some really cool stuff today on my blog, I thought I’d just add this one on too. 🙈

I have to say that the idea Noly and I had about having reading sessions every night to get through the Hype-A-Thon books was a brilliant one. It seems that we’ve been choosing some really long and complex stories lately and it took us nearly 3 weeks to finish 1 book (we both binged the whole ACOTAR series in a matter of days so that’s saying something about the readability of the book).

April Wrap Up

In March we both started Circe by Madeline Miller, but that was it, so for April, we decided on #AprilCatchUp to try to get through all those books we’d missed in previous months. Here is my March Wrap Up and April Announcement and TBR post in case you were curious!

I feel like we honestly did such an incredible job this month! We managed to read a total of 5 books from the original 8 (or 10 depending on how you count the Modern Faeries Tales), and I think that’s actually really good!

The Spiderwick Chronicles by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi (4 stars)

This month we were able to finish the last 4 books in The Spiderwick Chronicles by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi. It was such a great series, we loved it so much and had so much fun reading it together! It was also such a fast read and we sped through these 4. I haven’t found the time (or a day) to post my review of these books on my blog, but until I get around to it, here is the review of the first book in the series, The Field Guide. I gave each of these books a 4-star rating.

Circe by Madeline Miller (4 stars)


We managed to finish this book and it seriously took us the better part of 3 weeks, some nights we struggled with all the information and all the characters, but we both really enjoyed it and loved the ending. I haven’t gotten around to review this one yet, but I have given it 4 stars!

We also managed to read about 100 pages of The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden but decided to put it down because it was really long? detailed and complicated and we were just struggling and not really enjoying it, but we will try to pick it up again soon. And we might (fingers crossed) be able to finish Tithe by Holly Black before the end of the month, I think we are both about halfway through, so maybe we just might do it, in any case, you’ll have to wait to read my April Wrap Up to see!

May Announcement and TBR

After 2 months (or was it 3?) of running ourselves ragged and choosing some really long and complicated books, we decided to go easy on ourselves in May and only read one book, especially because we will also be starting Middle Grade Marvels, a new book club hosted by Noly, Holly and myself. The official announcement is here if you missed it this morning.

When we were thinking about what book to read in May, we initially thought about something magical, but we weren’t sure so we asked you guys on our Twitter account what books you wanted to read and what theme you wanted to pick and after quite a few polls, we decided on the theme #Magical May. The book of the month for May and the 9th round of the Hype-A-Thon Readathon is ……

A Darker Shade of Magic (#1) by V.E. Schwab

A Darker Shade of Magic (Shades of Magic, #1)

We are so excited to read this book and can’t wait to dive in and discuss it with you guys. There were so many books to pick from this month and I don’t think that Noly and I could have wished for a better book in May. I’ve personally wanted to read ADSOM for many years and I’m so happy I’m finally getting a chance to read it!

That’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed this post! Come over to the Twitter account for the Readathon and join us in discussing ADSOM or any other book you feel like reading this month and don’t forget to use the #MagicalMay and #hypeathonreadathon hashtags on social media! See you soon, stay safe,

Ellie xx


  1. I feel you on the schedule thing. I’ve been trying to post every other day but I have a couple posts I need to do quicker so I might switch to every day for a bit.

      1. Ahah!! Yes, a reread is definitely due! We loved it so much and it actually was totally different from the film!

    1. Urgh I know! I made myself so much work and decided to have blog tours and author requests up nearly every day this month and the next aha!!

    1. Thank you! I’m so excited to finally start this series, I’ve wanted to read it for a ridiculous amount of time and May is the month!!!

  2. Great post, know what you mean on scheduling. Sometimes you just have a lot of things to share and they all need to go up around the same time for timing sake.
    ♥ Mae

    1. Thank you! Yes, sometimes its such a struggle and you have too much and other times you need some posts to fill a few gaps aha!

  3. Reading with a buddy is a great idea! It probably really helps motivate you both! My boyfriend pretty much only reads really complicated sci-fi, so sometimes I’ll read a book with him but mostly I just let him tell me about it lmao.

    1. Ahah that’s so funny! It took me a whole year to get my fiance to read 1 chapter of Deathnote 🤦🏻‍♀️ he just stares blankly when I gush about a book aha! Yeah, it was cool knowing we were reading the same chapters at the same time and we had loads to say about it!

      1. that’s how it is for us too! he tries SO hard to pay attention when I talk to him about books I’m reading on my own, but when we read stuff together it’s a ton of fun! (especially when he can explain some of the stuff to me bc… man, sci-fi is hard to read sometimes)

    1. Yes finally aha!!! We totally failed in March but we saved face in April! Thank you so much! 😊

  4. I’m really excited to read Circe someday in the future! Is sad to see you didn’t enjoy The Bear and The Nighingale -i’ve heard great things about it and also want to read it soon. I hope you enjoy A Darker Shade of Magic! I’m also going to be reading it in May

    1. It was really good! We’re going to try to keep reading The Bear and the Nightingale, it just isn’t living up to our expectations yet. Aww yay! I hope you love it! Thank you!

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