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Hello Hello! How are you today?

Today I have two posts going up on my blog: my spotlight & first impressions review for Stay Mad, Sweetheart by Heleen Kist, and this check-in post so I can tell you all about what I’ve been reading lately.

This has already been a very long and busy week, I know I say that every time, but at least I have been very productive so far and I am hoping to keep up the good work as I have a lot of assignments to hand in, presentations to prepare and host and tasks to complete! How has your week been?

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam over at Taking On A World of Words.

WWW Wednesday is based on 3 questions:

What are you currently reading?

What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?

Poirot Investigates (#3 Hercule Poirot) by Agatha Christie

Book Cover

I think I read one more story than where I was last time I checked in and I am still loving this short story collection. I love how much of a dork Hastings is, how Poirot always knows exactly what happened, when, where, how, and by who within the first minutes and Hastings is still guessing right at the end, the banter between the two. And I also love how easy this series is to read, which has surprised me every single time I’ve started a new one. I’m going to finish this book this weekend and I can’t wait for more Poirot.

Stay Mad, Sweetheart by Heleen Kist

Book Cover

I am halfway through this book and so far I am enjoying it. My post is/was today, but I am a little too busy at the minute to squeeze in the final 50%, so I will try to catch up with it in the next days and see how this one goes. I saw a few reviews that have accentuated my thoughts that there might be some morality issues in this book, but I’m going to keep an open mind and hopefully I will enjoy it just as much as everyone else on the tour has.

Moon Over Soho (#2 Rivers of London) by Ben Aaronovitch

Book Cover

Into the third section of this book now and honestly, if I didn’t have university, blog tour books, other buddy reads and if I wasn’t constantly exhausted, I’m pretty sure I would have finished this whole series in a week or two because it is so freaking amazing and I’m hooked. I love Peter and getting to know him, his humour is just great. I am also really enjoying getting to know Nightingale more and seeing more places in London. I can’t wait to finish this book on Friday and jump into book number 3.

Shadows (#0.5 Lux) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Book Cover

I got a little way more into this one because it was my comfort read the other night when I was feeling low and in need of some quick, fast and cute reading. I wouldn’t call this one cute yet, but I can tell it is heading that way, and I already know that I loved Obsidian, so I think I’ll love the series as a whole. I will have to make a little more time for this book in the next couple of days as I want to include it in my March wrap-up (how is it nearly April already??) and I want to reread Obsidian soon too.

The Last Spell Breather by Julie Pike

Book Cover

The third part of this book, while still fairly frustrating, was a lot less confusing to me, but I think that’s because the things that annoyed or confused me were not mentioned or depicted. Either way, I kind of saw *that* coming and I really hope that a) our main characters get a break and b) that most importantly, Rayne will stop treating Tom like crap because he is sweet, supportive and no one deserves getting snapped at like he did. Anyway, rant over aha. I really hope that the fourth section will pull everything out of the bag because so far I’m not loving this book as much as I wanted to.

Nightbooks by J. A. White

Book Cover

This Middle Grade Marvels book is, however, AMAZING. I am really loving it. It’s not as creepy now I don’t think because we know about Natacha and have seen the apartment more, but there are still some sinister things going on and we have lots of questions. This is definitely a great book for a buddy read or book club because we had so many thoughts flying about and I know that I will love the end of it, so I’m excited to pick up the final section in the next day or so.

City of Fallen Angels (#4 The Mortal Instruments) by Cassandra Clare

Book Cover

The final book I’m in the middle of reading – yes I do know that this is a bit excessive – is the fourth book in The Mortal Instruments series that I’m currently buddy reading with Erika and Fiona. I have to set aside some time to read this book because I’ve nearly done with it and really want to find out what is going on! I am still pissed at Jace for how he has been acting towards Clary, but I hope he wakes up soon.

What Beauty There Is by Cory Anderson

Book Cover

Over the weekend I was able to finish this book for an #UltimateBlogTour I was on and that was organised by Dave from @The_WriteReads but unfortunately, I was really not a fan of this one. I’m usually okay with graphic and tough content, but for some reason, right from the start, I had a hard time with this book. I don’t know if it was because there were loads of trigger warnings or the writing style that I just didn’t get on with, but I opted to do a spotlight of this book that you can find here.

Bloodlust & Bonnets by Emily McGovern

Book Cover

This was the March pick for the TWR Gang book club and I read it in only an hour, it was such a fast, fun, hilarious and fantastic graphic novel that I loved from start to finish. I have been wanting to get into graphic novels more lately so I’m really happy that our pick for this month was Bloodlust & Bonnets. This is utterly dramatic, hilarious, witty, beautifully drawn, with some really engaging and interesting characters as well as a crazy plot that just kept me turning the pages. I highly recommend this book and I will be posting my review of it soon (I loved it so much that I wrote the review straight away).

The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett

Book Cover

I’m taking part in the Women’s Prize Longlist buddy read that Hannah from Han Loves to Read set up and I have decided that while all 16 books don’t take my fancy, 4 of them do and I’ll be reading them with the group. The first book on my list is The Vanishing Half which I have been really looking forward to. I wanted to start it on Monday but I was exhausted, so I’m saving this one for tonight as soon as I get home from university.

Karolina Dalca, Dark Eyes by M. R. Noble

Book Cover

The next blog tour book I’ll be reading is Karolina Dalca, Dark Eyes, which I know has vampires in, and which is basically the only reason I decided to pick this book up. I can’t remember what this one is about other than the vampire element obviously, but I’ve heard some really positive feedback for it already and I am going to start it either tonight or tomorrow. My spot is on the 28th of March, so keep your eyes peeled for it!

Fid’s Crusade by David H. Reiss

Book Cover

And the final book on this list for this week is the next BBNYA blog tour book. Fid’s Crusade came 2nd place in the competition and it’s actually one of the ones I read the 10k of and did not really enjoy that much. I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t give it a chance if I was down that day, or what,  but I am determined to give it another chance and I’ll be picking it up soon. My spot is on the 30th of March!

That’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed reading this post, see you soon, stay safe,

Ellie xx

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