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Book Review | Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren 

Title: Love and Other Words Author: Christina Lauren Published: 10th of April 2018 — Gallery Books Format: Paperback — 420 pages Hello Hello! How are you today?  If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you’ll know that I don’t usually gravitate towards contemporary romance stories, as they don’t always interest me. However, in times of sadness, demotivation and during the dreaded reading slumps I do like the pick the odd one up.  So I’ve been reading more of these kinds of books lately, and I was chuffed when some book blogging buddies decided to start yet …


Book Review & #UltimateBlogTour – Man Down by James Goodhand

Title: Man Down Author: James Goodhand Published: 3rd of March 2022 – Penguin Format: Digital (eARC) – 391 pages Hello Hello! How are you? Today I am back on the blog to bring you a mini-review for Man Down by James Goodhand, currently on #UltimateBlogTour organised by Dave and the team over at @The_WriteReads. I have to admit that this is not the type of book that I usually tend to read, but I decided to give it a go, and while I was a bit oblivious for 60% of it, I did end up liking it in the end. …

Childrens and Middle Grade Contemporary

Book review & #UltimateBlogTour – Undercover Princess (#1 The Rosewood Chronicles) by Connie Glynn

Title: Undercover Princess (#1 The Rosewood Chronicles) Author: Connie Glynn Published: 2nd of November 2017 – Penguin Format: Digital (eARC) – 441 pages Hello Hello! How are you? For the first time in MONTHS, I am back on the blog for a REVIEW!! And I’m so excited about it because I have missed blogging so much and I love writing reviews, especially for great books, which this one definitely is. I won’t be back to full-time blogging for a few months still, but I will be posting the odd review or post when I can! Anyway! As I just mentioned, …