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Hello Hello! How are you today?

I’m back on the blog with a post I’ve kind of been dreading writing, the very long and very tiring reading wrap-up for the year!

In 2022, I managed to read a total of 113 books. 15 of those were 5 stars and AMAZING, and I found a resounding favourite early on in the year. I wrote a favourites post a few days ago, you can find it here! A lot of the other books I read last year were mostly meeeeh, but it wasn’t a terrible reading year, just not my best. I did reach my GoodReads goal, with about 2 hours to spare, so I’m happy with myself as I didn’t have the best year in terms of health, university, work and family, lots of problems all the time!!!

Keep on reading to find out what books I read in 2022, the genres I read and what I rated them all! You can also find the link to my GoodReads 2022 challenge here!

My 2022 reads and ratings

Number of books read: 113

Number of pages read: 27,891

Number of French books read: 50

Number of English books read: 63

Star ratings:

1 star: 2 books

2 stars: 2 books

2.5 stars: 3 books

3 stars: 13 books

3.5 stars: 12 books

4 stars: 38 books

4.5 stars: 28 books

5 stars: 15 books


Genres read:

French fiction: 7 books

Contemporary fiction: 4 books

MG/YA/A French fantasy graphic novels: 7 books

Science-fiction dystopia: 2 books

MG/YA French graphic novels: 11 books

MG/YA French fantasy: 3 books

French Children’s picture books: 2 books

French MG: 4 books

Adult French graphic novels: 9 books

French YA romance/contemporary: 2 books

Ya fantasy: 9 books

Mysteries/thrillers: 4 books

MG fantasy/horror: 3 books

Children’s classics: 2 books

Horror historical fiction: 1 books

YA mystery: 5 books

MG fantasy: 7 books

YA contemporary/romance: 2 books

Children’s graphic novels: 2 books

Historical fiction: 1 book

Romance graphic novels: 1 book

Fantasy/romance graphic novels: 1 book

French (YA and adult) historical fiction: 4 books

Classic mysteries: 3 books

French nonfiction: 1 book

Science-fiction/fantasy/historical fiction: 3 books

Science-fiction/fantasy/historical fiction novellas: 2 books

Urban fantasy/ mystery: 1 book

YA and adult Fantasy/ historical fiction: 4 books

Nonfiction: 4 books

Adult fantasy: 1 book

YA dystopia: 1 book

Number of books left on physical TBR: 620 (yikes…)

And to finish, here are the screenshots of all the books I read in 2022!

That’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

See you soon, stay safe,

Ellie xx


    1. Uhm……. My finger slipped multiple times over multiple times on Amazon and other book-buying sites? HAHA!! I’m a bit crazy, I know, but I plan to do an unhaul soon.

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