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Hello Hello! How are you?

Today’s post is a little bit different, and as you can see by the title, I have decided to put my blog on hiatus for the final year of my master’s degree.

Last year was such a busy one for me and it took me all my time trying to juggle a master’s degree along with studying, researching and writing the first part of my thesis, and then following up straight away with my internship. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love what I’m doing, but I can’t do all that and my blog as well, it’s just making me way too stressed and way too tired.

I love my blog, it is my safe haven and my comfort zone, and I don’t want to risk that changing, so I’ll not be posting anything on my blog (apart from spotlights for blog tours I have already agreed to and possibly the monthly Middle Grade Marvels posts) from now until the end of my master’s and the moment I hand in and present my thesis.

I’m going to miss blogging so much, but I know that my blog will still be here when I get back, and it’s something I have to do to get me through my last year of university, which is bound to be even busier with a possible full-time job on the horizon sometime in this last academic year.

I will still be reading, I’ll just by prioritising my thesis reading, and I’ll squeeze in the Middle Grade Marvels monthly read, as well as a few others I can squeeze in. You’ll be able to keep up with my reading progress on Goodreads, which I will still update regularly, but I don’t think I’ll be posting any more reviews (apart from Lies Like Wildfire by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez which I have nearly finished reading!!) until I come back to blogging full-time.

I know it’s something I will miss dearly, but I’ll be counting down the days until I can come back to it, and I’ll have one less thing to worry about while I finish university!

Well, I think that’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to find you all still when I come back. I’ll definitely keep on boosting your posts through Twitter and will try to visit your blogs when I have some downtime!

See you soon (I hope), stay safe,

Ellie xx

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