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Titles: Premeditated Myrtle (#1 Myrtle Hardcastle Mystery) and How to Get Away with Myrtle (#2 Myrtle Hardcastle Mystery)

Author: Eizabeth C. Bunce

Published: 6th of October 2020 – Algonquin Young Readers

Format: eARC (Netgalley) – 368 pages (#1) and 352 pages (#2)


Hello Hello! How are you?

Today I’m bringing you a spotlight for a blog tour that I am taking part in for Algonquin Young Readers. I’ve done a few blog tours for Algonquin and so far I’ve really enjoyed their books!

When I saw the email about these two, I couldn’t say no as they sound just like what I enjoy, and they are middle grade historical fiction mystery, some things I love by themselves so together they are sure to be a win!

I decided to sign up for a Spotlight for this tour because I didn’t want to miss the chance to read and boost these books, but I didn’t want to dig myself a bigger whole with the workload I already have! I’ve started book 1 and I’m enjoying it so far, I can’t wait to finish it and get a proper review up, but now let’s get on to the spotlight!




Premediated Myrtle (#1 Myrtle Hardcastle Mystery)

Premeditated Myrtle

Twelve-year-old Myrtle Hardcastle has a passion for justice and a Highly Unconventional obsession with criminal science. Armed with her father’s law books and her mum’s microscope, Myrtle studies toxicology, keeps abreast of the latest developments in crime scene analysis, and Observes her neighbors in the quiet village of Swinburne, England.

When her next-door neighbour, a wealthy spinster and eccentric breeder of rare flowers, dies under Mysterious Circumstances, Myrtle seizes her chance. With her unflappable governess, Miss Ada Judson, by her side, Myrtle takes it upon herself to prove Miss Wodehouse was murdered and find the killer, even if nobody else believes her — not even her father, the town prosecutor.


If you would like to purchase this book, you can find it here:  Amazon UK  – Amazon FR  – Amazon US –  AbeBooks (affiliate link) – The Book Depository (affiliate link) – Audible FR (affiliate link) – WaterstonesBarnes and NobleAudible UKKobo


How to Get Away with Myrtle (#2 Myrtle Hardcastle Mystery)

How to Get Away with Myrtle (Myrtle Hardcastle Mystery 2)

Before the train has left the station, England’s most accomplished new detective already is on a suspect’s trail, and readers will be delighted to travel along.

Myrtle Hardcastle has no desire to go on a relaxing travel excursion with her aunt Helena when there are More Important things to be done at home, like keeping close tabs on criminals and murder trials. Unfortunately, she has no say in the matter. So off Myrtle goes—with her governess, Miss Judson, and cat, Peony, in tow—on a fabulous private railway coach headed for the English seaside.

Myrtle is thrilled to make the acquaintance of Mrs. Bloom, a professional insurance investigator aboard to protect the priceless Northern Lights tiara. But before the train reaches its destination, both the tiara and Mrs. Bloom vanish. When Myrtle arrives, she and Peony discover a dead body in the baggage car. Someone has been murdered—with Aunt Helena’s sewing shears.

The trip is derailed, the local police are inept, and Scotland Yard is in no rush to arrive. What’s a smart, bored Young Lady of Quality stranded in a washed-up carnival town to do but follow the evidence to find out which of her fellow travelers is a thief and a murderer?


If you would like to purchase this book, you can find it here:  Amazon UK  – Amazon FR  – Amazon US –  AbeBooks (affiliate link) – The Book Depository (affiliate link) – WaterstonesBarnes and NobleKobo



Elizabeth C. Bunce grew up on a steady diet of Sherlock Holmes, Trixie Belden, and Quincy, M.E., and always played the lead prosecutor in mock trial. She has never had a governess, and no one has ever accused her of being irrepressible, but a teacher did once call her “argumentative”—which was entirely untrue, and she can prove it. She lives in Kansas City with her husband and their cats. Premeditated Myrtle is her first book for middle-grade readers.


Elizabeth’s Links: WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter


I’m really looking forward to finishing book 1 and jumping into book 2! And I hope you will pick these books up too, I think that the blurbs sound so good and loads of people of all ages are bound to love them!

Thank you so much to Algonquin Young Readers and Elizabeth C. Bunce for inviting me to be on this tour and for providing me with a free copy of both books to read and review. All opinions are my own.

That’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed this post, see you soon, stay safe,

Ellie xx


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