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Hello Hello! How are you today?

For the first time in over a year, I am so excited and happy to finally be writing and publishing a new monthly TBR. I have been able to read some books for myself in the last year, but it’s mostly been thesis books, and not always things I would pick up myself. So it’s very nice to be writing out a very tentative list of books I’d like to get to this month, be it for blog tours or myself.

Keep on reading to find out what I plan to read in September!

P.S. I’ll have a kind of year wrap-up ready in a week or so if you’re curious about what I’ve read so far this year!


I’ve tried to keep the TBR quite small as it is my first actual list in over a year and I don’t want to get overwhelmed since I still have a lot of work on my thesis to get done, and I have two surgical operations at the start of September. I’m going to take it easy and just see how well I’II get along with this list, so wish me luck!

I’d love to find out what you’ll be reading in September, so let me know in the comments down below!

That’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed reading this post,

See you soon, stay safe

Ellie xx,

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