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Hello Hello! How are you?

I’m currently trying to catch up with all the tags lovely bloggers have tagged me in over the last weeks, and I’m finally getting round to doing a few a month! Today I’m going to be doing the Would You Rather Book Tag that the lovely Stephen from Stephen Writes tagged me in. Thank you so much, and sorry it took so long to get to it aha! Go check out his blog, he is an amazing blogger!

Right, now on to today’s tag!


•           Answer the questions given to you by your nominator.

•           Make up your own questions and tag others.

Stephen’s Questions

  1. Would you rather only read mass-market paperbacks or only read stiff, non-floppy paperbacks?

Ohhhh this is a hard one. I think I’m more of a hardback type girl, but I do think that I prefer mass-market paperbacks. I’m not a fan of the paper or font size, which is sometimes of bad quality, but overall, floppy is better than stiff for me I think.

  1. Would you rather have your favourite character be a terrible person in real life or your favourite author be a horrible in real life?

Oh dear, isn’t this current? Aha, I’m not sure how a fictional character could be a bad person in real life, but I’ll go with that. If my favourite author was a terrible person in real life, I’m sure I would be sad.

  1. Would you rather meet your favourite booktubers or meet your favourite book blogger?

I would definitely prefer to meet my favourite book bloggers. This is probably an unpopular opinion and don’t shoot the messenger, but sometimes I feel like some BookTubers aren’t as interested in the book community outside of YouTube, whereas Book Bloggers seem to be more invested overall. I know exactly who I want to meet and I can’t wait for the day that finally happens!!

  1. Would you rather have to dog-ear your pages or have to write on them?

OMG! GAH, neither!! Well, probably dog-earing would be better than writing on them. I don’t have anything against people who do write in their books, I just personally don’t like doing it.

  1. Would you rather have a damaged book delivered to you every time or the wrong book to be delivered to you every time (the second or third time you may get the right one)?

I think I would prefer having a different book delivered to me each time. I would get really annoyed if the book I wanted was damaged, and I suppose it would enable me to discover new books too!

  1. Would you rather be a librarian or a bookseller?

Oh, I think I would rather be a bookseller – it’s sort of actually one of my dreams aha! I don’t know why, I just think I would enjoy it more, I feel like, especially in France, hardly anyone goes to the library, and although I wouldn’t mind being left alone to read all day, I would prefer being able to help people pick books on a more regular basis. Does that make sense?

  1. Would you rather have your favourite character die in the end or have your favourite character not complete their mission/life goal?

I would much rather them not completing their life goal or mission, it would break my heart if my favourite character died. I don’t think I actually really have one yet so to speak, so I better try to find them.

  1. Would you rather live in a library in space or in a library under the sea?

I think I would prefer to live in a library in space, even though I’m not a fan of space, I would be sad if all my books were wet and soggy.

  1. Would you rather not be able to read any books from your favourite author or have them not publish anything again?

Oh gosh, I think I would say not be able to read them all, because it’s really rather final for them not to ever publish again.

  1. Would you rather read everything ever published (even the worst books) or read only one book a year?

One book a year. For sure. I’ve come to this conclusion over the past years where I’ve been hoarding all the books I come across to read them one day and it’s just not possible. My reading tastes have changed so much over time that I couldn’t just keep reading every book because I would dislike so many, so instead, I would prefer to concentrate on just the one.

My Questions

  1. Would you rather read the same book you love over and over again or struggle your whole life to find a book you loved?
  2. Would you rather share your thoughts about books with people who don’t like to read or have to keep all your thoughts for yourself?
  3. Would you rather read physical books or ebooks if you had to only choose one?
  4. Would you rather have a drink or a snack while reading?
  5. Would you rather read in a magical forest with animals and magical creatures, or near the top of a volcano where dragons and elves live?
  6. Would you rather read 100 meeeh books or 20 amazing books in one year?
  7. Would you rather read all day every day or only at certain times and for a small amount of time a day?
  8. Would you rather your favourite character forget about their one true love or never meet them?
  9. Would you rather meet your favourite author knowing he would never write another book, or never meet them and keep hoping that they would write something again one day?
  10. Would you rather travel in real life or in books?

I know, these are weird questions but they were the only things I could think of, so please forgive me aha!!

I tag: Noly, Holly, Jenny, Jenna, Anca, Candyce and Rejitha.

That’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed this post! It was really fun to answer all Stephen’s questions and try to think of some myself! If you weren’t tagged in this post please feel free to do it if you would like and if I have tagged you and you don’t like tags, no worried! See you soon, stay safe,

Ellie xx

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  1. Thank for the tag Ellie.
    I am too bad at catching up with my tags. I bookmark them and then lose them for some reason. But I need to get on top of this catching up with tag situation. Your questions and answers were lovely. I enjoyed reading them. Can’t wait to answer your questions.

    1. Thank you! I can’t wait to read yours too and you’re welcome for the tag, I’m the same and always take ages to find them again aha!

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