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Read to Ramble is my personal blog, and all opinions are my own.

Although I am not paid for my reviews and various posts, some books which may appear in them have been sent to me, for free, in exchange for an honest review and it will be stated if this is the case.

You may see some links on my reviews or other blog posts, they are either normal links to purchase the products, or they are my affiliate links (it will say so whether they are), and if you decide to click on these links and purchase books, I will receive a small commission, at no extra charge to you. I use these affiliate links to help out my blog and you are in no way obliged to use them.

All of the photographs that appear on this website have either been taken by me or are images sent by authors/publishers who have expressly asked them to be added. If you wish to use any photographs that have been taken by myself, please contact me first to receive my consent. I spend a lot of time working on my content and taking pictures and it would hurt and annoy me if they are used without consent.

Other images you may see on my blog are either made by myself using Canva or other free online tools, using either free stock images or paid for by myself. If you see a book cover in a post that does not appear to be from an author or publisher, it is likely to be from Goodreads or Amazon, and a link towards it will be added under the photo.

All banners and feature images were made by myself, so please, do not use them because they are specifically for this blog.

As I have already said, the views and opinions in all my posts are my own, except any synopses, quotes, blurbs, etc. My words cannot be used by others without my consent so please contact me before using anything I have said. All of my reviews and posts are written in honesty and respect and I will try to make any negative points that I may want to talk about as constructive and respectful as possible.

Finally, all books reviewed on my blog have either been bought by me (for full or secondhand price), sent to me for free in exchange for an honest review, gifted by friends and/or family; or have been requested by myself on various websites such as Netgalley, Readers First, Book Sirens or others and will be stated in the posts accordingly.

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