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My blog is now on hiatus until Summer 2022, so I am disabling the contact form and I am no longer taking any review requests until further notice. If you want to contact me, you can do so through my Twitter account, linked on the menu bar on this page.

My Review Policy and Requesting a Review

If you are an author or a publisher and you would like me to review your book or work with me, please read this page in full before filling out the contact form which you can find when clicking on the “Contact” tab in the main menu bar.

I am a full-time student at university and I am often very busy, so please be patient if I do not reply to your request straight away. I promise that I will get to them as soon as possible. Also, because of my busy schedule, please make sure that the book you are pitching fits in with my accepted genres. However, if the book is not a genre that I commonly read but you think I will still like it because of a specific theme or context, please feel free to contact me and ask me about it before requesting that I review it. I will make some exceptions if the book sparks my interest.

My favourite genres are children’s or middle grade, young adult, new adult, fantasy, historical fiction, graphic novels and comics, retellings and contemporary. I will also accept genres such as thriller/mystery, science fiction, dystopia, romance, poetry, and short story collections. I VERY RARELY read non-fiction or horror so please be aware that these will not be my first choice and I am not likely to accept them unless they involve a theme or context that I have already spoken about on my blog and that you know I enjoyed.

When pitching a book to me, your request should include:

  • Title of the book, author’s name and/or publisher’s name and genre.
  • The publication/release date, please include if the book is not yet released so that I can make it a priority to read it.
  • The synopsis of the book, and main themes if it is not one of my preferred or accepted genres.
  • An estimated timeframe in which you would like me to read the book, but please keep in mind that if I accept your request, I might not be able to follow this strictly due to my busy schedule. But I will do my best in any case.

I accept books in the following formats: finished physical copies (paperback or hardcover), physical ARCs, eARCs, ebooks (PDF, .mobi or Kindle). Once I have requested to read the book, if it is a physical copy, I will give you my postal address, to only be used for reviewing and other book-related purposes.

My Review Style

All of my reviews are first posted in a shortened version to my Instagram and my Goodreads accounts and then subsequently on my blog and on my Twitter account (linked from the blog). I will not tag the author or the publisher unless I have been asked to, so please make sure to inform me of your preferences. All review titles include “Book Review”, the title of the book and the author’s name if you wish to search for it later. If you would like me to send the link to the review to you by email please request it. Because I live in France, most of the time I am unable to add my reviews to Amazon, even though I have American and English Amazon accounts so please forgive me for this problem. The book will also be included in my monthly wrap-up and/or my monthly TBR posts.

All of the reviews I write are honest, genuine and respectful. I always try to reflect my personal reactions and opinions of each book, however, because I am only human and cannot love every single book I read, I cannot promise a gushing 5-star review. Also, I don’t consider any book as “bad”, just “not for me”, so when reviewing the book I will always be respectful to the author and be as constructive as possible in explaining the reasons why I did not enjoy the book. Accordingly, my reviews range from 1 to 5-star ratings. I do not believe in attacking the author or the book and will never be rude, unkind or inconsiderate, my views are solely my own, and because I did not like the book doesn’t mean that someone else will not love it, so please don’t take anything I might say as personal or cruel. Please don’t think that because you sent me a free copy that it will necessarily be a 5-star review, that is not my policy.

My Star Rating System

I never rate a book with a 0-star rating, and very rarely DNF books, so my ratings range from 1 to 5 stars.

1 star: I did not like the book, the themes, characters, writing style(s), delivery and/or message(s) and I did not find any positive points to the book. This does not mean that the book was bad, it just means that this book was not for me. I hardly ever rate books with 1 star, except if I genuinely struggled throughout, did not agree with its message(s) or felt offended by the subject(s) and/or characters.

2 stars: I didn’t really like the book but enjoyed some of the themes, characters, writing style(s), delivery and/or message(s). I found some positive points and would recommend to readers who I know will genuinely enjoy this book much more than myself. Again, it is rare that I rate a book with 2 stars and will only do so if once again I struggled, disliked or felt offended by anything in the book.

3 stars: I enjoyed most of the elements in the book, but not enough to warrant a 4-star rating. I found both negative and positive points, but generally liked the themes, characters, writing style(s), delivery and/or message(s). I generally give 3 stars to books that do not grab me, bore me, have too much or too little of a certain element or are complicated to understand. It could also mean that I found something offensive or that I disliked something, but I didn’t feel that the book deserved only 2 stars.

4 stars: I really liked the book, found no negative points and enjoyed the themes, characters, writing style(s), delivery and/or message(s). I usually give 4 stars to books that I really enjoy reading but that I think are lacking something, focus on something too much/too little and are just missing that final wow-factor. I’m really happy to have read this book and will thoroughly recommend it.

5 stars: I absolutely adored the book, it is going on my favourite bookshelf and I will rave about it until the day I die. I have no negative points to say about it and I loved all the themes, characters, writing style(s), delivery and/or message(s). I highly recommend.

Finally, I aim to publish my posts on Sundays and Wednesdays, unless I have been asked to do so on a specific day other than my scheduled posting. Once again, because of my schedule, I may be forced to skip one of these two days and they could be subject to change at any given time but you will be informed of this and it will be stated on all social media.

Remember to fill in the contact form to request a review or for any other book-related reason and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

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